Reviews & Testimonials

"Chewy and I started our TTouch journey with Pauline, a wee while back. Chewy is a big dog with a big heart but gets nervous when he’s on lead (can’t get away) Pauline has taught me to observe him in a more empathic way, to understand where he’s coming from and shown us many techniques to calm him and help him cope in these situations. Since training with Pauline I feel chewy and I have a deeper bond, a stronger connection as I understand his emotions and look for underlying reasons for behaviour , dogs are sentient being and should be treated as such. Pauline is open, warm and very knowledgeable, Chewy and I are now on the right path and look forward to continuing our journey 😊 totally recommend to anyone xx"
"Pauline is a skilled TTouch practitioner with excellent observational skills, who adjusts how she works to each individual dog and human partnership. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions through my Your End of the Lead and ACEing Reactivity courses - and was delighted to award her qualifying Ttouch Practitioner 1 Certificate, after watching her work with multiple dogs and other animals over an intensive 5 day period. Every time I see her work, I am impressed with her calm commitment to the wellbeing of the dogs she works with and their people. You are in safe hands."
Janet Finlay
Pauline has been invaluable at helping me to better understand Finn's behaviour and how to work with him. He absolutely loves the TT techniques which Pauline instructed us on and her calm, confident and knowledgeable classes were fun to attend. We have seen a big improvement in Finn's behaviour outdoors and I have no doubt, that it is due in no small part, to Pauline's input. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any dog owner.
"Fab afternoon with Pauline Mitchell from Alba Dogs for myself Rio & Riley. We are a fan of TTouch & it’s been 3 years since my last course. RILEY Loves ttouch & responds so well - first time in a balance harness for him .. Rio was very social & a cheeky boy that was generous with cuddles. If you’ve not tried TTouch & ACE free work or if it’s been a few years I thoroughly recommend a course or workshop with Pauline."
Catherine Phillips & Riley
Pauline trained with me in the EMMETT Technique for dogs. She grasped the principles straight away and put them into practice with her client's dogs from day one. With these skills and others that Pauline has, she has had truly amazing results because she is a unique and talented therapist. This is shown in the feedback she gets both from the dogs and the owners. Dogs come first in Pauline’s eyes! She is dedicated and has such passion for dogs, and they can see it in her. Pauline has a very holistic approach to her work, which is refreshing to see. She is approachable, non- judgmental, and fun, which is why I have asked her to join the teaching team of EMMETT4Animals UK and Ireland.
Tony Sherry
I have been going to Pauline now for a couple months and the TTOUCH techniques, feedback on our ACE work has all been invaluable. Foxy is a rescue dog and can be quite anxious. With Pauline’s help I can now ease her anxiety and help her feel safe and secure. Foxy loves getting her TTouch and will let me know what she is needing and when. Foxy has come a long way and we are seeing improvement every day. Every dog owner should learn these techniques to help and support their dogs and Pauline is so supportive and explains everything so clearly.
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