Canine Body Language

Observing dogs has turned out to be a passion of mine. I love watching how dogs interact with each other, their environment and how they communicate with us. So, when I was encouraged by Alex Wilson to join The Dog Training College so I could complete the Canine Body Language Specialist Program I was delighted and really enjoyed the learning.

I completed several short crash courses before going on to do the final assessment with The Dog Training College. I passed the Open response Final Assessment after answering 10 questions in detail with a maximum of 500 words for each. This really put you to work studying each question carefully and I earned a Level 3 award, this qualified me as a specialist and a Body Language Instructor to present The Dog Training College presentation of Canine Body Language either online or in person. I have a certificate of achievement and an Instructor License Agreement.

I am now officially a DTC Approved Dog Trainer or DTC-ADT for short. This means you can look me up on their website on Find A Dog Trainer.

The Canine Body Language course is a must for anyone who has an interest in dogs, owns a dog, or works with dogs either as a Professional Dog Walker, Sitter or working in Kennels. It is interesting, easy to learn and packed with all the information you need to start you off on your own journey of learning about our canine companions.

The more we learn about dogs and how they react in different situations the more we can support their needs and learn to coexist together in a world of understanding instead of trying to control, we will spot when the dog is showing subtle signs of concern and be able to step in and help the dog to cope before the big explosion of barking, lunging and possible aggression. This is valuable these days because there are a lot of dogs in the world, dog walking areas are full of people wanting to enjoy walks with their dog and if we can understand how our dogs are experiencing their environment then we can put things in place to make all our walks as happy and peaceful as we can do. This is good news for our dogs, the power of just being listened to before they must shout is enlightening for the dog and removes the pressure from them to escalate their behaviour.

When we know better, we do better.

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