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Hey, I'm Pauline

Alba Dogs is run by myself, Pauline Mitchell. When I was a girl growing up, there was a Horse-Riding School at the bottom of my road from where I stayed, and it was where I spent most of my spare time. My father eventually bought me a pony who I called Topper and I kept him until the end of his life. It was while spending time with my pony and the stable dogs that my love of animals grew. I have owned several dogs, one at a time, a springer spaniel Brandy, Labradors Tia, Holly and current Labrador Amber whom I have learnt so much from. I entered working life with dogs as a professional dog walker, in the beginning this was great, my own Labrador at the time Holly used to come with me, as I grew busier and Holly grew older, she could no longer come along as she suffered from arthritis. A friend of mine encouraged me to get some holistic help for Holly as well as support from the Vet.  Holly got regular Reiki Treatments which really seemed to help her alongside traditional healing.  When she passed, I went on to learn Reiki for Humans and Dogs which then led me on to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner. I loved being with the dogs I walked, they were all individuals and experienced situations in a different way to each other emotionally. It became very clear to me that one way of handling dogs was not a good fit for every dog, it’s a true saying that one size does not fit all.  Tellington TTouch seemed the perfect training method to learn so I could incorporate into my daily life with dogs to manage them safely and more importantly not put them into situations that they would find difficult, this kind gentle way of being with dogs resonated with my own nature.  It was while I was still in training to be a Tellington TTouch Practitioner that I discovered Emmett Therapy, a gentle, non-evasive way of releasing tension in the body, each time we trained I learnt two ways of releasing tension in the handler and four ways to release tension in the dog, this was fascinating to me, just to see the changes in posture with light finger pressure was amazing! I was beginning to understand more and more about posture and body language and so I joined The Dog College and trained to become a Canine Body Language Specialist. I am still on my learning journey and hope to become an ACE Trainer in the future. ACE stands for Animal Centred Education. It brings me such joy to observe the dog, emotionally, physically and mentally and then help them gain more confidence, making life easier for them in our crazy human world. My own dog Amber has her physical issues and I use my learning to support her with Tellington TTouch techniques and Emmett therapies and of course using my skills in observing her body language to give her the best enriching life that I can, for her to move as efficiently as possible through her body and live life to the full.

I have had the very best of support while doing this as I have trained with some of the best that there is in the Canine World, Annie Robertson, Janet Finlay, Lucie Leclerc, Marie Miller, Robyn Hood, Sarah Fisher, Tony Sherry and Alex Wilson.

When I am not working with dogs, I like to spend time with my husband and family and generally just relaxing to recharge my own batteries so I can then go back out and help our incredible canine companions and their pet parents to harmoniously live together.

Pauline Mitchell


Why Choose Alba Dogs?

Alba Dogs is owned by me Pauline Mitchell a Tellington TTouch® Practitioner, Emmett Therapist for dogs, a licensed Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College® and an ACE Student of Animal Centred Education.

I use my knowledge of all my training to help the dog physically, mentally, and emotionally as all three are intrinsically linked to behaviour. I am passionate about wellness for the dog and supporting their guardians/pet parents to enjoy each other’s companionship to live in a more harmonious way, having a deeper understanding of what the dog is trying to communicate.

When dogs develop unwanted patterns and habits of behaviour, it can be frustrating and sometimes emotionally exhausting for the handler, I give support to the dog’s person as well as the dog. Changing patterns and behaviour on both sides take time and patience as you will know if you have ever had to give up smoking or learn to drive. If we expect to change our dog, we may have to be open to change ourselves. I offer help and support in between our sessions to help everyone begin to make the change.

Often once we understand our dog in more detail through using observations, we can begin to understand things from our dog’s perspective and begin to offer learning at the pace that suits the dog’s needs for learning to be rewarding.

I use only positive and kind training methods and treat every dog and their person as an individual because we are all unique. I love what I do, meeting new people and their dogs and starting to see those lightbulb moments when dog and pet parent really begin to understand and compliment each other in their behaviour changing their relationship to one that is listened to with mutual respect and Trust.

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