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Alba Dogs is run by myself, Pauline Mitchell. When I was a girl growing up, there was a Horse-Riding School at the bottom of my road from where I stayed, and it was where I spent most of my spare time. My father eventually bought me a pony who I called Topper and I kept him until the end of his life. It was while spending time with my pony and the stable dogs that my love of animals grew. I have owned several dogs, one at a time, a springer spaniel Brandy, Labradors Tia, Holly and current Labrador Amber whom I have learnt so much from.



See what some of my happy clients are saying

"Chewy and I started our TTouch journey with Pauline, a wee while back. Chewy is a big dog with a big heart but gets nervous when he’s on lead (can’t get away) Pauline has taught me to observe him in a more empathic way..."
"Fab afternoon with Pauline Mitchell from Alba Dogs for myself Rio & Riley. We are a fan of TTouch & it’s been 3 years since my last course. RILEY Loves TTouch & responds so well..."
Catherine Phillips
"Pauline is a skilled TTouch practitioner with excellent observational skills, who adjusts how she works to each individual dog and human partnership. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions through my Your End of the Lead and ACEing Reactivity courses - and was delighted to award her qualifying Ttouch Practitioner 1 Certificate..."
Janet Finlay
ACE Instructor, TTouch Practitioner, Trainer & Coach
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